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From its opening in 1631 until the French Revolution in 1789, La Bouteille d'Or only served wines and spirits. With a growing clientele of aristocrats, writers, officers of the King's Guard and even clergymen, this simple tavern was thus converted into a restaurant. The tavern was originally only one floor, then a second and finally an entire building was built above. La Bouteille d'Or continued to exist, just as one can find it today. Great men of letters such as Molière and even Voltaire were regarded as regular patrons.
It is said that Louis XIV came in person to drink a glass of Château Haut-Brion, one of France's oldest wines. Between March and July 2011, La Bouteille d'Or underwent major renovations, which consisted of conservation work and revealing both the original stones and woodwork which we believe brings back the original charm and authenticity. In 20 years time, La Bouteille d'Or will have seen 400th year of business; four centuries of culinary excellence and tradition that we hope to continue and invite you to enjoy.
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